Jan 30, 2011

My Dream House

Something I wanted to share with you guys... My Dream House. I came across this photo and it totally describes what I have in mind :O
Everything I wish for, a two floor house in the center of the land, surrounded by an amazing garden that I would take care of, planting flowers, fruit trees and veggies...
It would also have to be in a quiet side of the country. I would love to wake up on birds singing on my window, my love fixing breakfast downstairs, on his side on the bed a red rose symbolizing our eternal love...
Well that's a part of my dream ;)

Isn't it just amazing!!  Have a nice evening!!
Peace & Love 
Steffie xox


  1. It's very pretty!
    Great blog!Following!

    Follow back?

  2. Thank dear ;)
    Will most definitely follow :D


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