Jun 26, 2011

New Brand in town!!

Hello dear readers!!
Do you ever feel like you need to do something new or else you'll end up with a sick routine??
Well this have been me lately. A new project is what I needed!!
Have I mentionned the artistic side of me?? Yes I have one, that's why I launched with the help of my sister, a new brand of handmade jewelry and acessories called LollyGag! Yes it means fooling around because that what's we started doing.. But I think we did pretty great eventualy. Could you check our work here on Facebook: LollyGag . I'd really appreciate if you let me know what you think, and hopefully If you like you'll LIKE LollyGag on Facebook :P

Here's something to get you going :D:D:D

Love, Steffie xox

May 31, 2011

New Page on Facebook

I as some people know, have a soft point for sweets and chocolate :D
So I decided to create a Facebook page to share some of the desserts and sweet food I love, give sweet tips and maybe share desserts recipes from time to time. My page is called Sweet Tooth ...
So If you have a Facebook account would you like my page, Lots of Yum Yum there :P

Love Steffie xox

May 30, 2011

I've been away

So I've been busy these few weeks and haven't posted. I miss it though :(
I haven't really been gone, I was only checking my mails and updates, just didn't have the time to write..

Today's post is about weheartit. A really cool website about inspirational photos and people.

Nice huh?!! check it out :)

Apr 21, 2011

Easter Decoration

I bet you all know what an Easter tree looks like, well this is the one I made. Hope you find it as pretty as it looks.
Steffie xox

Easter pastry

So Easter is here, and as a tradition my family and I are used to making what we call "Maamoul" as in Easter sweet.. But since this year everyone is away from home, it was my mother's and my job to take on this task. We had so much fun making them hope you'll find them interesting and I have to add they're super Yummie and fun to eat..
So basically the dough made of wheat, flour, rose water, flower water, sugar, baking soda, water and butter (not sure about the scales since it was my moms job to make the dough).

Another essential to have are these lovely tools or molds that give the texture and shape to every piece of sweet. They come in so many size and form, these are the ones we have at home. Oh and every shape determine what the stuffing is. 

The first tells you the stuffing is nuts with sugar and the second has date in it.

This is the nuts and sugar stuffing and the date that I shaped as small balls to facilitate..

Then comes the stuffing..

Same thing with the nuts..


And put the pieces in tray..then into the oven...Here's what it'll look like

Finally sprinkle sugar powder and Voila :D

Happy Easter
steffie xox

Apr 10, 2011

Oufit of the day: Leopard

This is what I wore today...

Well yes of course this is a Leopard Faux fur skirt!! which I'm in love with <3
It's very fuzzy to wear and warming too... Paired it with plain black top and tights and of course my favorite necklace... :D

Steffie xox

Apr 7, 2011

H&M: style your fashion

So I was checking out H&M and the new spring collection and I came across this amazing application called Fashion Studio. Well you may have seen it before but it's the first time for me :P
I just wanted to share the link..


So you can basically dress up a model ( you get to choose the gender and with different models too :D )
All clothes are available are from the new collection and trust me you'll have so much fun, I know I am :P
Here are some outfits I created hope you like them :D

P.S. the photos show prices in my country, check the website for international prices :D
Steffie xox

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