Jun 26, 2011

New Brand in town!!

Hello dear readers!!
Do you ever feel like you need to do something new or else you'll end up with a sick routine??
Well this have been me lately. A new project is what I needed!!
Have I mentionned the artistic side of me?? Yes I have one, that's why I launched with the help of my sister, a new brand of handmade jewelry and acessories called LollyGag! Yes it means fooling around because that what's we started doing.. But I think we did pretty great eventualy. Could you check our work here on Facebook: LollyGag . I'd really appreciate if you let me know what you think, and hopefully If you like you'll LIKE LollyGag on Facebook :P

Here's something to get you going :D:D:D

Love, Steffie xox
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