Jan 26, 2011

Introduction to CHIC

For my first post on CHIC, I decided to share some of the things I love as I thought it would be the best way to introduce myself and for you to know me better.
My name is Stephanie but my friends call me Steffie. I am a cosmetic dentist student in my second year of major.
I chose to specialize in Aesthetics because of my obvious love to everything that's beautiful and my ability to recreate Hollywood smiles and restore facial features by simply adjusting the shape, color and texture of teeth.
Enough talking dentistry, let's talk fashion!!
One of the cutest clothing patterns to me are floral prints, because they give feminine appearance and can be worn day and night to any occasion.

This is an asymmetrical floral dress by Rare and you can find it on www.topshop.com. I love it because it's simple and chic and the asymmetrical shape give it a sassy look but in the same time it looks feminine bacause of its print.
Another cool thing I love is ruffles. what I love about them is that they give you volume if you're skinny and hides your curves if you have any.This lovely mini skirt is shiney chiffon and lace tiered that I found on www.rue21.com 

If you're heading out for a girls shopping day, what's better than to put on those cute flats and rock the mall with comfort and style?? I know I do, I just love how you don't have to worry about walking model walk just to prevent falling down your ass and embarrassing yourself :P..

And if you think flats are not fashionable shoes, you'd better check with Victoria Beckham on that!!!

You can call it accessory but I call it outfit essential, the big designer bag has proved once again to be a chic must have. LV for Louis Vouitton, YSL for Yves Saint Laurent and so many amazing designers brought to life this trendy mode.

Finally my favorite..... VINTAGE!! I just love the history behind every cut, every design and every pattern... It's a great way to tribute our great fashion designers and relive the epic tale of each clothing piece...

Well even thought there are lots and lots of favorites, I will wrap up by saying I've enjoyed sharing with you my passion, until more posts... Have a nice day ;) 
Peace and Love 
steffie xox

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