Jan 27, 2011

Get the look

I was surfing the internet when I came across this amazing Rihanna look taken in Paris Fashion week Spring/Summer 2010. I just couldn't resist myself to try and duplicate the look..High waist skirt, corset and lots and lots of accessories.... How cute is the hair...

My basic rule to get this look is to SIMPLIFY!!!
Don't go searching the stores to find the exact same items... YOU WON'T!!!
Identify the main pieces of the outfit:
- High waist blue skirt
- White corset
- your basic black pointed toe shoes
- lots of necklaces (if you have one that has so many volume better it is)
- And finally the bag, now here I would rather pick one items from the look to show off and what better way than to go with a designer bag, it doesn't have to be the same though...


  1. wow...you totally perfected the look with these great finds...nice blog

  2. Thanks!! i tried my best :P
    You have a nice blog 2 i followed :D
    Steffie xox


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